Thursday, October 15, 2009


Had a dentist appointment. My dentist came in before the hygenist got started, grabbed the blood pressure monitor off my wrist and read the results, then sat down and checked his own BP and heart rate. He sat down, very relaxed, closed his eyes while the monitor inflated and beeped.
Read the results and declared that i was the winner on BP, but his HR was lower.
But i found consolation in that i had just had a cup of coffee before going to his office.

Since restarting my running routine i came down with a very bad cold,
thought i might have the flu.
But i've kept running anyway, mostly on the treadmill since the weather is
so crummy and i don't want this virus to re-attack.

So yesterday, after my short run Kath and i went to Mr. Benny's Steakhouse
for dinner. Benny and his family are terrific hosts and have the best steaks around.
What a great meal! We shared a filet (medium well) and 1 1/4 lbs of Alaskan King Crab legs, and a bottle of pinot noir, yum!

i'm making an effort to not hurt myself with this running thing. Started out with just a mile and a quarter, building a little every other day. Did 2 1/2 yesterday.
The treadmill is boring though, so i kept interested by adjusting the speed, at first up one notch every ten seconds, then every 30, then decided to slow back down during the final half mile, but thought that that was wimpy...
and finishing kinda fast.

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